If you are interested in luxury hotels and Recreation and you are spending the most beautiful and enjoyable vacation in one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world, it remains a complete read for the other : 

Two very special hotels from the Rixos International Group have been announced to open in Sharm el-Sheikh, namely Rixos Radamis Sharm El Sheikh  

Come first, we will take you on a special tour of the two hotels, and at night you can enjoy watching the two hotels from here : 

1-  Rixos Radamis Sharm El Sheikh : the hotel is distinguished by its modern design with an elegant character and the hotel is away from the sea at a distance of 100 m, which is the second row of the sea and not opposite the sea for a direct image, but it has a very special private beach 

The hotel offers Ultra all inclusive accommodation and is distinguished by its high service, known in the Rixos International Group

The hotel Kaman has recreational activities for adults by the pool and the beach 

The hotel also offers very special entertainment offers for the little ones and contains kids area, which is considered the best in Sharm el Sheikh, namely ( Rixy club ) 

The rooms are very distinguished, modern, and their design is very modern and modern 

The rooms have all the accommodation necessities and overlook the garden and also overlook the pool and wonderful and distinctive views 

The hotel also has various restaurants other than the main one, which has all the cuisines you expect and don't expect.

the hotel with a modern classic design for lovers of elegance and luxury really 

The hotel also comes with a different design from any other hotel that makes you feel luxurious and distinguished throughout the stay 

The hotel is about 100 meters away from the beach and there is a private bus to the beach for free for all residents at all times 

It is also characterized by the fact that the bathrooms of the Square in it are very warm and distinctive and shared with the Radames hotel Tirana 

The rooms are very modern and completely new and contain all the accommodation requirements that a guest can need throughout his stay, and the type of accommodation is also ultra-exclusive 

The hotel also has recreational activities for adults by the pool and the beach and has kids good a special one is (Rixy club), which it shares with Rixos Radames Sharm El Sheikh 

For more information about prices and how to book, you can contact the company and the exclusive agent of the hotel from WhatsApp