Siwa Oasis is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Egypt and is located in the Western Desert about 560 kilometers south of Cairo. Siwa Oasis is a great example of desert civilization and is characterized by its charming natural beauty and rich history.


The landscape of Siwa Oasis is breathtaking and charming. It is characterized by its diverse terrain, surrounded by sandy hills and beautiful rocky mountains that reflect the beauty of the desert. In addition, the oasis contains a number of natural water eyes and springs, such as Ain Durra, Ain Maryam and Ain Hamam. Visitors can relax and enjoy bathing in these natural springs and enjoy the tranquility and tranquility that the oasis offers.

Besides its natural beauty, Siwa Oasis embraces a rich history and unique culture. The oasis has a collection of castles and archaeological temples dating back to antiquity, such as Shali Castle, Marius Castle and Amun Ra Temple. Visitors can explore these monuments and discover the civilizations that have flourished in the region throughout the ages.

The local culture in Siwa Oasis is also a major attraction. Visitors can visit the traditional village of Al-Balana and learn about the way of life and traditional crafts of the locals, such as silkmaking and embroidery. Visitors can also tour Siwa Market and explore local produce and handicrafts that reflect the region’s culture.

Siwa Oasis is also a great location for star and astronomy due to its clear skies and lack of light pollution. Visitors can enjoy night trips and see the galaxies, planets and bright stars in the sky of Siwa.

In short, Siwa Oasis is a unique and charming tourist destination in the heart of the Egyptian Western Desert. Combining the beauty of nature, ancient history and the culture of local culture, it makes it an ideal place for tourists looking for a distinctive exploratory experience in the desert.


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